I hit the road again, and not to listen to the side of the road in the night and in open flowers, the flowers are flourishing. Are sending out attractive, strong aroma, I'm a little confused, this is the flower of the night for who open?
I never go to ignore my shoes , don't know if there are no shoes on my feet, I want to go forward, in the faith, the strength will be poured into the body at once, to throw away their luggage, light on the road, also won't pay attention to at .
You're standing in the distance, waved to me Hong Kong University, I saw, the consciousness of let me become refreshed.
I'm still on the way, I only on the road, otherwise, I met you.
It was so long road, but the pace of my feet have very strong and rapid, and can't rest, have a moment's hesitation, you maybe will disappear, disappointment is enemy of people, the heart more pathetic.
You are behind the mountain, is your mountain, you can only stand here, always didn't want to hide in the mountains, you are afraid of me after the journey all the way, finally lost.
I kept on, that the distance is my goal.
I'm still on the way, I can only in the way.