The islands district is made up of greater than twenty islands of varied dimensions which might be home to over 141,000 folks. Standard ferry service enables citizens to commute to your city centre and give guests among the best price boat excursions in Asia.

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Though the main attraction of Hong Kong’s outlying islands may very well be much less expensive hire or possibly a day journey to get pleasure from seafood places to eat, Go and his tiny staff of volunteers have recognized some a hundred cultural treasures as element in their endeavor to engage locals and travellers inside the islands’ exclusive heritage.

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Hulu commissioned community artists and illustrators Angryangry and Don Mak to develop a map and posters to tutorial treasure hunters to historic temples, festivals, temples, pirate and ghost web pages, and common artisans and companies. participants sign up their finds on their own phones, through a QR code, utilizing a specific Treasure Islands app and exchange their electronic finds for serious treasure - prizes - within the venture HQ at Central’s pier 9.


Hong Kong’s islands have countless treasures

founding father of Hulu Tradition

Hong Kong’s islands have a lot of treasures

The islands district is made up of in excess

While the main attraction of Hong Kong’s outlying islands